American culture is flooded with sexual content.  We are constantly bombarded with sexual images and messages, yet people seem to avoid honest discussion of the topic.  This is especially true in the Christian community. 

Historically, the church has failed to discuss God’s incredible vision for sex, and society seems oblivious to the fact that God wants people to enjoy it.  Christian teens are more likely to hear about the dark side of sexual behavior in our society than about God’s plan for true fulfillment.  In fact, church is about the only place one can go in America and not hear much about sex.

In my opinion this situation needs to change.  I believe God is the creator of sex and intends it to be a source of pleasure, excitement, and fulfillment.  I also believe when one understands God’s vision for sexuality, the wisdom of His plan is evident. 

Whether you are looking for information to teach about sex, learning for yourself, or pursuing a path of healing from addiction or a painful situation, I hope this blog will be a useful tool to help communicate truth about sexuality.

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